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Many of our patients with varicose veins dread the thought of treatment if it has to be done using surgery. No longer is this necessary! In the last 10 years, several new ways have been […]

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort from varicose veins ? If so, you’re not alone. These blue or dark purple veins not only mar your appearance, they can also cause itching and burning sensations. People get […]

Self-care Treatments for Varicose Veins Walking is good exercise. It can help the muscles force the blood out of the deeper vein system. If the person is overweight, try to lose weight. A healthy diet […]

Avoid inactivity When you stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, without walking, the blood pools in the leg veins. Avoid inactivity, not everyone can take breaks, but if you can, walk around-hourly. Exercise […]

Heaviness Heaviness in the legs usually caused by a dysfunction of the vascular system, which results in swelling or edema and added weight to the legs. This added weight can make your legs feel more […]

Finding the best varicose veins treatment center With an availability of so many varicose veins treatment centers these days, it may be difficult to make a good choice, to feel comfortable and safe with your […]

We already discussed women are more likely to suffer from varicose veins than men, during pregnancy it’s common problem- pregnancy causes mothers to produce an extra volume of blood, which can lead to added pressure […]

The Best Treatment Procedure for Varicose Veins There are many procedures to treat varicose veins, to find the best procedure out of many may be a difficult task, sometimes will be misled by people or […]

Varicose veins are defined as swollen, distended veins, usually occurring in the legs, though they can occur anywhere in the body. Seen in people aged 30 years and above, the condition is caused by weakened valves […]

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